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What are my responsibilities as a client?

Clients of my coaching service have a responsibility to:

Choose the topics of our discussion and deciding upon the outcome you would like from each session.

Create a plan, decide upon, and take any action of your choice in pursuit of your positive changes.

Bring feedback to the Coach on what is working well and what could be made better to meet your needs.

Arrive at our scheduled sessions on time.

Be prepared to communicate honestly in each coaching session.

Notify the Coach as soon as possible when you realize you will not be able to make a scheduled session.

Pay the agreed-upon fee for each session by the agreed time.

Inform any medical or health care providers of the nature and scope of coaching attention you are receiving.

Inform the Coach that you would like to renegotiate some aspect of the coaching relationship or agreement.

Inform the Coach that you would like to end the coaching agreement.

Bring to the Coach’s attention any concerns you have about confidentiality, as soon as possible.

Bring to the Coach’s attention, as soon as possible, any disappointment with the relationship or dispute you have with the Agreement.