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How do you handle feedback about your coaching?

I so much want to support you effectively in my coaching practice. While I am as sensitive to making mistakes and disappointing the other as anyone is, I know that I am going to make mistakes and I simply cannot hit the mark every time. I am also going to do great things from time to time and knowing when I have done that is just as important. I want to get better at this each time. Therefore, I see each client interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow and to demonstrate the same humility and courage to grow when I ask my clients for feedback just as my clients may ask me.

I would appreciate feedback on both anything that is troubling you, or pleasing you, and any ideas how we might adjust things in our relationship and methods to improve its benefit to you. After all, this is all about you getting what you need from this coaching attention.

First, I invite you to stop and offer feedback right there in the session, right when something pleasing or troubling is happening. That would often be helpful. After all, it would be good to course-correct in the midst of our interaction rather than find out later we were getting away from where you needed to be.

You might need time to process and reflect on an experience with me and offer that to me in an email or bring it up at the start of our next session.

Typically, at the scheduled end of our series of coaching sessions or periodically along the way, I may send you a link to a Client Feedback Questionnaire. I will use these formal feedback responses for my personal development and for my EMCC accreditation process.